Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Poetry is basically my passion [[as is music]]. It is unlike anything else in the world. It can be interpreted in anyway, and its meanings differ from person to person. Personally, I write it, read it, love it...breathe it. So, every once in a while im going to post a poem. It may be mine, although, it most likely wont be. lol.

Here and Now by Catherine Cater

If here and now be but a timely span
Between today's unhappiness, tomorrow's
Joys, what if today's abundant sorrows
Never end, tomorrow never comes, what then?

If youth, impatient of the disrespect
Accorded it, yearns to be old,
Age chafes beneath the manifold
Losses of its prime and mourns neglect;

So let it be for here and now, my dear,
Not for the when of an eternity;
No gazer in the crystal ball can see
The future as we see the now and here.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Under-appreciated Artist

so im walking back home the other day pissed off because my class got canceled. and playing on my psp was "one for me" by Lloyd. listening to that song got me thinking....Lloyd is soooo much more talented than C Breezy [[lol]] and yet u rarely ever hear any of his songs on the radio. its pretty unfair. and hes not the only one. there are soooo many artist who are unappreciated when it comes to the radio. so yea. thats pretty much why i created this post [[and blog]]. so here it goes. my top 10 under-appreciated artist [[including my fave song by the artist]].

1. Kelly Clarkson--probably the best american idol winner to date. yet i still dont feel like she gets enough respect.
*song(s): "addicted" and "since u been gone"

2. Lloyd--the reason i created this post. mediocre voice, but waaaay better than chris brown!
*song(s): "one for me", "valentine", "party all over your body", and "love spaceship"

3. Little Brother--my favorite group! these guys can do no wrong in my eyes. i first heard them in '04 when they came out with "lovin it" and ive been in love ever since!!
*song(s): "the getaway", "the honorable", "lovin it", "beautiful morning", "life of the party", and so many more.

4. Erykah Badu--been out since forever. fan-tastic voice and lyrics. not too much more i can say about ms. badu
*song(s): "other side of the game" and "the healer"

5. Pete Rock--he's still putting out great songs. but i bet the only song u kno is T.R.O.Y
*song(s): "T.R.O.Y [[still a classic]]" and "the best kept secret"

6. Fefe Dobson--where would rihanna be if weren't for fefe. she jocked her whole style
*song(s): "dont go (girls and boys)"

7. Solange--u dont have to be Beyonce to be talented. her swagger is unreal and her music is incredible.
*song(s): "T.O.N.Y", "Feelin you", "Dancing in the Dark", and "Valentines Day"

8. Panacea--lyrics, voice, beats. he's the full package. all i gotta say
*song(s): "steel kites", "ecosphere", "the scenic route", and "flashback to stardom"

9. Slum Village--ive been a fan since tainted. and they have yet to dissapoint. even a collab with kanye couldnt get them respect. jus sad!
*song(s): "ez up", "call me", and "selfish"

10. Talib Kweli--probably one of the best lyricist out there. jus cause he's not as ignorant as lil wayne and t.i. doesnt mean he's not worthy. smarten up folks!
*song(s): "mz. hill", "waitin for the dj" and "hot thing"

***honorable mentions: The Cool Kids, The Roots, Pitbull, Ledisi, Raphael Saadiq, Tegan & Sara, People Under the Stairs, J-Live, Bobby Valentino, Lil Scrappy, Juelz Santana, and Raheem Devaughn

Monday, October 20, 2008


So im sarting this blog mainly because im bored. It was supposed to be about music. Then i realized that im pretty random. so. Instead its gonna be about me and all things i love.

What to expect:

What not to expect:
-great spelling
-great punctuation

welp. here i go....