Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Poetry is basically my passion [[as is music]]. It is unlike anything else in the world. It can be interpreted in anyway, and its meanings differ from person to person. Personally, I write it, read it, love it...breathe it. So, every once in a while im going to post a poem. It may be mine, although, it most likely wont be. lol.

Here and Now by Catherine Cater

If here and now be but a timely span
Between today's unhappiness, tomorrow's
Joys, what if today's abundant sorrows
Never end, tomorrow never comes, what then?

If youth, impatient of the disrespect
Accorded it, yearns to be old,
Age chafes beneath the manifold
Losses of its prime and mourns neglect;

So let it be for here and now, my dear,
Not for the when of an eternity;
No gazer in the crystal ball can see
The future as we see the now and here.