Sunday, January 30, 2011


When I said I wasn’t mad
I meant it
In the place of anger
It was the confusion
That lingered in my mind.
The why
That keeps me from moving on.
I thought I was good
Because I wasn’t angry
But now I realize
That by trying to figure it out
I’m just as held down
As the most bitter foe.
So here’s my declaration
To you
And me
From here on out
I don’t need a why
An answer
Is unnecessary
From here on out
I wish you nothing but the best,
Not that I ever wished less,
And I hope life is good to you
Because it’s wonderful to me.


Saturday, January 29, 2011

Nail Polish Post

So I got really bored today and decided to count (and take pics) of all my polishes. I divided them into brands and counted how many of each brand I have. The grand total came to 98 polishes, thats including top and base coats but doesn't include the 3 zoya polishes that I should be receiving sometime next week. Lol. I can't believe I managed to acquire so many polishes in just a few years. Ive been collecting for about 2 maybe 3 years. It's crasy. Anhywho, here are some of the pics that I took:

I try to keep my polishes separated. The ones I wear the most, I keep out in the open. The rest I keep in a bag under my bed. Lol

Individual Brands:


China Glaze


Sephora by OPI



Sally Hansen


Rimmel London

Wet and Wild

Pure Ice

Doubles ("Sinful Colors," "Revlon," "Santee," "Milani," and "Charlotte Russe")

Singles ("LA Colors," "NYX," "CoverGirl," "Nicole by OPI," "Royal Colors," "Icing," "Apple Colors," "Destined," "Ultra Pro," and "Sephora")

The whole collection!!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Hair Post

I woke up this morning, looked in the mirror, and noticed that my hair looked like the bride of Frankenstein. lol. I had a little beehive thing going on and it got me to thinking. My hair is naturally like this. These (non-black) girls spend all this money on bump-its and hairspray and all this time trying to get their hair to look thick and big, and mine just does it on its own.

I've never grew up hating my hair. When I was younger, I was always told that my hair was so pretty and thick and that I could create so many styles because of its thickness. I was told that when it moved it looked so pretty and its thickness should be envied. As I got older, the "others" got to me. Seeing how guys responded to the light skinned chick with "pretty" long hair, it made me feel inferior. But as I continue to nourish and take care of my hair, I'm reminded of those compliments I used to get as a young girl. I'm reminded that my hair is beautiful. While those girls with thin hair are stuck with basic styles, my hair, if I so choose, has the ability to create masterpieces. I love my hair, in all it's thick, kinky, short glory!

Nail Polish of the Week

"Ibiza" by Zoya

*it's hard to tell, but it's supposed to be a murdered out mani. the tips have a regular OPI topcoat. The rest has a matte topcoat by Essie. it looks pretty dope in person. but it's a little difficult to pick up on camera.
Sometimes I wish I could I be one of those people that aren't doing shiit with their lives. One of those people that don't have a job, don't have school. Those people that get to just chill out and enjoy the weather. But then I think to myself, that if I one of those people I would be stuck. As much as I hate not having breaks and hate always having to do something. At least Im not stuck. Im in school so that one day I can create my own hours. I work so that one day I don't have to owe and bow down to any creditor. It sucks, but when you enjoy things and enjoy having a house and enjoy being blessed, you just got to suck it up and do what you gotta do. Cause it will pay off in the long run. And even though I can't chill out now, Im setting myself up for a grand vacation later!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Quote of The Day

"The truth is always exciting. Speak it, then. Life is dull without it."

--Pearl S. Buck
*So, technically this is the last day of the poetry week. The poems I shared aren't the best in my arsenal, but they all mean a lot to me. I have so many poems that I would like to get off my chest, so Ive decided to keep on posting. It wont be everyday. Just whenever I feel the urge to share... Write on folks! lmao (that should soo be my new "thing"...)

Apparently people my age
Are supposed to all act the same
We’re supposed to party all night
And drink the days away.
I’m sorry that I chose to think for myself
And follow my own path.
Sorry that I chose to do what I want
And not be swayed by the actions, motives, and thoughts of others
Sorry that this time
I chose to do me
And live my own life.
But I’ll be sure
To walk blindly behind my peers
In my next lifetime.


Saturday, January 22, 2011

What is “too far?”
“I’ve gone too far to come back.”
Is too far losing your virginity before marriage?
Is too far lusting for the same sex?
Is too far drinking your pain away?
Or smoking all day?
Or being strung out?
Or robbing someone?
Beating your spouse?
Committing a crime?

What is “too far?”
You are never “too” far
To come back to God.
Because as the devil grabs one foot and tries to pull you down,
The Lord is pulling you up
With both hands.


Friday, January 21, 2011


I notice I embellish stories. I don't do it often and theyre usually small, unimportant stories, but I still do it. It bothers me because not only is embellishment a verbal form of lying, and I can't stand lying, but also beacuse I have a friend who I'm constantly claiming I can't trust because she embellishes everything. That fact alone makes me a hypocrit. And the only thing I hate more than lying, is being hypocritical. So this behavior must stop. Now that I've noticed it, it can be addressed. And trust me, it will...


Not talk,
But speak.
Be unafraid of what people will think
Don’t worry about whether or not they’ll get it
Whether they will understand
Stop worrying about
Whether or not it comes out “right”
Just speak
Be proud
Know that you’re smarter
Then they think

Not talk,
But speak your mind
And let them know
Who you’ve always been.


Thursday, January 20, 2011


*This ones not that great, but watev...

One day
One day I’ll conjure up the courage
To introduce myself to you.
One day I’ll know your name.
One day we’ll talk and I’ll smile.
One day I’ll know you
And you’ll know me.
I hope this day comes soon
Cause I’m tired of dreaming.


Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Living pay check to pay check
Still won’t stop you
Because it’s imperative
That you have the cutest shoes,
Pretty toes and fingers
Unique jewelry and all the latest gadgets
They must be acquired.
Student loans, credit cards, and three jobs
Make it all ‘okay’
But graduation is just a few months away
I’ll check back with you then
And see what you have to say.


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My bedroom walls are bland, but they say so much...literally.

Ms. Badu

My dope robot drawn by an old roommate

by Langston Hughes

For my 20th birthday

Autographed PacDiv poster and other "stuff"

the D-O-double-G

you can read what that says

Bought from the dollar tree



Yesterday was a sad, sad day
Yesterday was the day that I chose to walk away.
Walk away from me
Away from the me who was afraid to be me
Away from the me who was holding onto me
Holding me back.

But today, today is going to be a very good day
Today is the day that I have chosen to stand tall
To move on
To be me
To accept me, all the while
Becoming better and happier.


Monday, January 17, 2011


It’s not here,
Nor is it there.
Thinking about everything
Anxious and stressed
But calm.
Where is my mind?
Yet not retaining a single bit of information.
Where is my mind?
It’s conflicted and confused
And just wants to be free.
Above all else,
It’s lost
And just wants to be found.


A Week of Poetry

I was writing alot towards the end of the week. and after much convincing, I've decided to share them. So it starts again. Ill be posting a poem a day for the whole week. =)

Things I Want

The Africa piece
Seen here:

More ripped jeans

A name plate necklace (with my name of course. lol)

A pair of vans

This dope "Soul Train" shirt

Some cute and unique brooches/pins

A Nixon watch

These cute shirts
*Seen here:

Knee high socks

A dope "Tribe Called Quest" tshirt

This ring
*Seen here:

These bangles
Seen here:

Thigh high socks

And a hoodie. lol