Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday, May 14, 2010

I Want...

this Zac Posen for Target cardigan. its sooo effin cute! however, not only can i not afford it at this moment, but i dont think i could ever justify dropping 50bucks for a cardigan. my mother would have a fit. lol

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Nail Color(s) of the Week

Fingers : Charged Up by Orly

Toes : Turned Up Turquoise by China Glaze


i still havent been paid. im running out of food and gas....this school really needs to get on it. cause this is not even cool!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

F*** You, PAY ME!!!!

i hate that i only get paid once a month. it really suuucks! especially when this stupid school doesnt pay me on the same day every month. sometimes its the 10th....other times its 13th...every once in a while its the 11th. it would be really nice if theyd just pick a day and stick to it....but that would be too easy...lame!

Patience is a Virtue

the summer is coming quickly...and although i have a lot of things that i need to do, the one thing that is ever present in my mind is a job. ive applied to a few places...and was already hired at one. unfortunately that one doesnt pay enough and doesnt have enough hours for me to be satisfied with it. so im searching for another one. i already went through interview number one for another prosepctive job and im praying that i get to interview number two and eventually get hired. this particular job pays well and im sure it will take up any extra time i thought i might have (which i am perfectly fine with)....i know that God always places us were we're meant to be and i pray that that job is where im supposed to be. getting hired there would really take a huge financial weight off my shoulders. so Lord, if it is in your will, please let me get this job...i really really want it...and it would help me help my parents out this summer....

im gonna be all types of anxious these next two weeks....

and im gonna have to remain positive. no thinking "if i dont get this job blablabla".....but i cant get too excited either. cause that always bites me in the butt.....all i can do is be patient, and that is exactly wat i plan on doing.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Didnt really mean to write this much

im feeling pretty blah today... i worked till 1pm...then had an interview at 2pm (which seemed to go pretty well) im at home doing my nails and watching wendy.

i really wanna go to the store but not cause i want something...but because i wanna "run into" this guy who lives around here.

he's cute and drives my dream car. and every time i see him, i get struck by the helen keller syndrome (im SUPER shy) yea. even if i did see him, i probably wouldnt say anything. but im determined to meet him...he needs to be my friend. lol.

hmm...i feel like if i keep typing im gonna start to ramble....but i kinda dont bored and i really wanna write.

and i really want some cookies and chips

i had a semi-wierd dream last night...i dreamed that i was late for work. and instead of jumping up and going to work, i accidently drove to school....but it wasnt even my school now, it was my high school. and while i was there i saw some random people that i havent even talked to since high was so real that i woke up scared cause i thought that i was late for work....that is a huge random fear of mine, that ill be late for work. lol....i dont know why.

but yeeah..i really want to talk to that guy. he really needs to be my friend. like..pronto. lol. i think i just really want a boyfriend....or just a boy to kick it with...or anyone to kick it with.

my life is pathetic. lmao...but thats only cause im stuck here in lame ass, fake ass san diego...

i cant wait to leave this place!

anywho....i think i need to quit while im yea. im done....this little rambling session should save me if i ever skip a day. lol

fyi: i know i didnt post this weekend, but when i said id post something every day, i meant every week day. weekends are excluded.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

God is Good

After applying like a million times, I finally got hired!!!

My journey to becoming a Buyer for Macys [will] officially start on Sunday, May 9th!

Im soooo excited!!! Woop Woop!!!


You know everything has gone downhill when you go from the Dean's List to striving for a D in one of your classes....pathetic!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

All I Want

Is enough dinero to buy myself a digital camera and still have enough money left over for grocerys.....

The life of a broke college student really sucks sometimes!

Dont Stress Out

Dont stress out. Dont stress out. Dont stress out!

Thats what I keep repeating to myself. That chant and prayer are whats keeping me from freaking out. The semesters coming to a close. I'm doing horrid in one of my classes. And by the end of the month I will be unemployed.

But I cant let all that get to me. I must stand tall and persevere.

I will do great on my final tomorrow and pass that class. I will obtain the funds to pay my bills in the summer as well as some left over money to pay for summer school. I will find a job (or two). And I WILL be okay!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I'm going to try and post something on here everyday. I chose to start this blog and I need to stop neglecting it. So everyday, I'm gonna try my hardest to post something, ANYTHING. At least for few weeks...


By : Me

In a poetic mood
On a dreary day.
I just gotta figure out
What to say.
Do I talk about
Or dreams?
Or self esteem?
So many choices
But nothing stands out
I’ll just continue to listen to music
And let this poetic mood
On this dreary day
Lead the way.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Just Because

I ♥ my sandals!

Just A Thought

They can take away
Your freedom
But never
Your dreams!


If only I had $130 lying be on it!!!

Nail Color of the week

California Coral by Essie