Monday, May 10, 2010

Didnt really mean to write this much

im feeling pretty blah today... i worked till 1pm...then had an interview at 2pm (which seemed to go pretty well) im at home doing my nails and watching wendy.

i really wanna go to the store but not cause i want something...but because i wanna "run into" this guy who lives around here.

he's cute and drives my dream car. and every time i see him, i get struck by the helen keller syndrome (im SUPER shy) yea. even if i did see him, i probably wouldnt say anything. but im determined to meet him...he needs to be my friend. lol.

hmm...i feel like if i keep typing im gonna start to ramble....but i kinda dont bored and i really wanna write.

and i really want some cookies and chips

i had a semi-wierd dream last night...i dreamed that i was late for work. and instead of jumping up and going to work, i accidently drove to school....but it wasnt even my school now, it was my high school. and while i was there i saw some random people that i havent even talked to since high was so real that i woke up scared cause i thought that i was late for work....that is a huge random fear of mine, that ill be late for work. lol....i dont know why.

but yeeah..i really want to talk to that guy. he really needs to be my friend. like..pronto. lol. i think i just really want a boyfriend....or just a boy to kick it with...or anyone to kick it with.

my life is pathetic. lmao...but thats only cause im stuck here in lame ass, fake ass san diego...

i cant wait to leave this place!

anywho....i think i need to quit while im yea. im done....this little rambling session should save me if i ever skip a day. lol

fyi: i know i didnt post this weekend, but when i said id post something every day, i meant every week day. weekends are excluded.

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