Monday, May 2, 2011

Where are our leaders?

this is an excerpt from a "conversation" i am currently engaging in online. When the topic of who our generations leaders are, my response contained the following:

"i think our generations leaders will be discovered in the trenches. we can no longer look towards Hollywood or Capitol Hill or even the churches. There is too much money involved. and when money becomes a factor, the people's issues get pushed aside. I believe our leaders are the people who are tired of being looked down upon for being different. The women who are tired of being called nappy head because they refuse to burn their scalps. the men who don't want to smoke all day and chase pussy. These are going to be our leaders. They won't be found on our tv screens or in the white house. they're in our neighborhoods. they're our classmates. they're finding their voice. learning themselves. preparing for greatness. they have no interest in a reality show. no interest in materials or fame. they're main goal is to inflict change and understanding and resistance and individualism and revolution, one person at a time."

As I was typing that out, I realized that I want to be that leader. I want to be that person in the street preaching to the people. Letting them know that the media can not and should not define you. that you are great, regardless of what you are sold.

reason #3 for why I NEED to get this t-shirt line off the ground

*the fire keeps burning.

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