Sunday, August 8, 2010


Is it possible to have a crush on someone that you dont even know???

There's this guy that lives in my apt complex and I find myself seriously crushing on him...but how is that possible if I dont even know him?

I think a more accruate description would be that I have an infactuation with the idea of him.

I've been "infactuated" with dudes before. but this times it's different. I usually at the very least know the dudes name. But in this case, I know nothing. I dont kn ow this dudes name. How he sounds. Where he's from. I dont even know which apt he lives in (which you'd think i would considering the fact that we live in the same complex. but watev)....all i know is what kind of car he drives. Mainly because that's how I first noticed him (he drives my fave car on earth!).

Hmm...i dont even know. I would really like to get over this but for some odd reason i cant. Maybe if I actually meet him, I'll be able to move on. But of course I'm so freakishly shy that it probably will never even happen.

Oh well...

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