Sunday, November 7, 2010


I believe the media has to much control over society. The internet, music, movies, tv they all tell us what we as a whole should be thinking, doing, etc.

I want to be an individual again. I want to be me.

I've deactivated my facebook and I wont be getting on until at least the end of the semester.

I've decided to decrease how much mindless internet browsing I do. Pick a few a blogs, a fave show (NCIS of course), and some news and just stick to logging onto those sites.

And of course log on for school stuff too.

I want to read and write more.

I'm basically tuning out.

Of course I'll continue to blog. It's my own thoughts, so its not impacting me negatively.

But I just need a break.

I need to love me. Love my body. Love my brain. Love my life.

And technology really doesnt do a good job of allowing the individual to love themselves.

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