Saturday, December 11, 2010

I wrote this poem while listening to "Four Women" by Nina Simone...It is heavily influenced by that song.

My skin is dark
My skin is smooth
It has few flaws
It is beautiful.

My lips are plump
My eyes are black
My face is not pretty
It is beautiful.

My hair is short
My hair is kinky
It is untamed
It is beautiful.

My stomach is round
My love handles are prevelant
It has stretch marks all over
It is beautiful.

I am not the traditional standeard of beauty
My stomach is not flat
My hair is not straight
My skin is not light
My hips are not wide
My butt is not big

I am not what I should be
I am just what I am
I am beautiful
I am lovely
I am gorgeous
I am unique
I am me!


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