Thursday, December 9, 2010

So I was cooking dinner and thinking about how excited I am that this semester is finally coming to a close, which in turn got me to thinking about Christmas and what I want.

Me being a single girl, I immediately thought I want a boy

Now, I've never really been one to want a boyfriend. But as I get older (I always feel so wierd saying that), I do want a "him"

I want a him in my life
A him to chill with
A him to talk to
A him to spend my nights with
A him to pass my days by
A him to talk to my friends about
A him to contemplate introducing to my parents
A him to think about
A him to yearn for
A him to have fun with
A him to be lazy and lay around with

Not just a boyfriend,
-or any boy

But a him
-someone special.

Hopefully Santa can fit him under my tree. =)

(lmao. I couldnt help but be cheesy)

*disclaimer: when I say him in this post, I dont mean the "him" that I've refered to in previous post. I mean a him whom I've yet to meet.

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