Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A (Fairly) Quick Hair Post

I really want my hair to be healthy. So, in order to achieve this, I've decided to implement a healthy hair regime and stop pressing my hair so much. Both steps are in the beginning stages..lol

I've decided that my regime will include weekly prepoo's and deep conditioning treatments. For right now my prepoo consist of castor oil and extra virgin olive oil mixed into V-05 conditioner. Once I get more money, I plan on adding more Jojoba oil, Lavender oil, vitamin e oil, and honey to the mixture.

As far as styling goes, since I wont be pressing it much, I need to find new ways to style it. I'm thinking about doing twists (which I've already tried - and it came out quite well if i may say so myself. lol), twist out, my go-to pony tail, and others.

Some styles I was 'semi'-working on. lol :

Other styles I'd wanna try out :

Now I just need some money so I can buy the products neccessary to do these styles. lol

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