Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My Identity

I dont really care for this "poem"...but a promise is a promise....

By : Me

How do you identify me?
By my skin color
My gender
My clothes
My age
My tattoos
My hair
My occupation
My intelligence?

How do I identify me?
By my thoughts
My dreams
My family
My race
My culture
My background
My neighborhood?

How am I supposed to identify me?
What is an identity?
What makes me, me?

As a 20year old college student
Am I supposed to identify myself through the company I keep
Or by those that I don’t?
Am I supposed to dress a certain way
So that they know to view me in a certain light
Does the way I speak, look, act, etc
Create a sort of bias in the eyes of the identifier
If so,
Does that mean by trying to be identified
They’ve created a stereotype?
Do I identify me in the criteria of a stereotype?

What is my identity?
How do I identify me?
I don’t.
I just do me
And let everyone else do the work.

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