Thursday, October 21, 2010

I Chose the Wrong Major

So I'm sitting in my Strategic Management class today, trying to pay attention as my professor explained our group project, and it hit me, I really shouldn't have been a business major.

I just really dont like it. I've seriously just been coasting through my classes. I don't retain the information because I don't care for any of it. I get good grades and pass all my classes because I just have a good memory and quite frankly, I'm just that darn smart.

But I just can't stand my major.

The only thing I'm actually interested in is the money. I love money. Not paper, just the ability it gives me. The ability to abtain the things that I like and the stress relief it gives me.

But as I sit through my classes, read over my notes, and read through my assigned chapters, I have to ask myself, "is it worth it?"

I dont know. I honestly won't know until my life really begins. Until I'm employed. Until I have a career.

I really hope that I chosethe right path. I know that given the current economic "situation," my business degree will definitely be a valuable asset in the real world. Let's just hope it will be a valuable asset to my sanity as well.

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