Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Shopping Trip

I really can't stand anything in my closet anymore. I just feel like I have too mnay tshirts and ill fitting jeans.

So, today I decided to head out to the mall and see what I could find.

After being there for quit a few hours, I ended up with barely anything. I couldnt find a pair of jeans that fit me correctly, and only bought one shirt.

Although I couldn't find any cute clothes, I did get me some jewelry (of course. lol). I buy alot of jewelry, but I really had to share what I got today.

Rings and Earrings from H&M. Both necklaces from Forever 21.

I usually don't like to buy jewelry from Forever 21 because I don't like to see a bunch of people wearing the same ish as me. But when I saw those necklaces, I just had to have them. I couldn't even choose one, so I got both.

Here's a closer look:

1 comment:

Poetic Traveler said...

I freakin love the robot necklaces! can't remember the last time i went to forever 21