Friday, June 11, 2010

And Yet Another Comment Post

Here's another comment i came across. This one is from the black voices "blog" on This commentor says exactly what I've been thinking since forever. My parents always told me that race is always relevant. People try and pretend that its not. One day we'll all wake up and open our eyes and see America for what it is....

By: HighTime Reality on 6/10/2010 6:38PM

"What is it about black people's reality that after 400-years of sailing around in circles in boats of deprevation and despair we just cannot seem to come to grips with the fact that "Race Matters". RACISM in America is America. Let me repeat that statement for those of you blinded by too many years of being immersed in America's cesspools of hypocrisy and self-destructive propaganda.... RACISM in America is America.

As a tenured Professor in mathematics and economics, having finished my undergrad, masters and PhD programs as a stellar academic, at the end of the day the institutional power structure sees my dark skin first, Period.

I can rattle off hundreds of irrefutable disparity studies performed over the last decade, examining disparities in income between college educated blacks vs. college educated whites, in addition to the huge disparity in incarcenration rates between blacks and whites. The eye popping findings as characterized by the pronounced disparities between Blacks and Whites up and down America's structured, racialized society, underscores the emphasis on distinct lines of race and ethnicity in America's work place, social settings and institutions, affirming that "Race Matters".

Professor Thomas Shapiro's of Brandies University recently published his findings from analyzing 20 years of data: White Wealth vs. Black Wealth. Take the time to read his findings at least TWICE, then pickup the phone and call Dr. Newsome and THANK her for having the guts to standup and speak truth to power! Maybe, just maybe President Obama can learn to take a page out of Dr. Newsome when it comes to the plight of Black America"

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