Friday, June 11, 2010

I Hate Drake (Too)

I just had to post this

I thought I was the only one who didnt like Drake. I just dont get his allure. I've really been trying to get into him and Niki Minaj. But I just cant seem to do it. There just so damn basic. Uninspiring and even worse, unoriginal. Buut yeah. When I saw this article it immediately made me happy. Just knowing that I'm not alone always makes my day.... On another note. After reading all these comments (where people are clearly dating themselves), I'm starting to wonder if there is something wrong with me. I am incapable of thinking even slightly like my peers. I agrees with everything these old heads had to say.... I guess I'll never have friends. smh...

Here's an excerpt from the article:

"From his faux-Southern accent to his corporate-funded “street buzz,” Drake has been perfectly prepped to become hip-hop’s version of a boy band. Take one look at Drake and you can almost hear the calculations of greedy record execs looking for the next crossover act: Preexisting white fanbase: check. Exotic Ethnic Background: check. Light Skin: check. Celebrity Cosigners: check."

a few comments:

by Sister Toldja (not verified)
"Well-said. I've had mixed feelings about Drake for a while, but you've expressed my issues with him and his branding so eloquently. I was definitely disappointed that he ended up with this motley Young Money, which is the most embarassing thing to emerge from Hip Hop culture this side of "Homeboys in Outer Space". Unfortunately, when we try to hold entertainers to artists standards, we will be disappointed more often than not."

by e.Green (not verified)
"I bet anyone of the folks that think Drake is "that dude" have no idea of what Hip Hop is really about. These days seems anyone with a co-sign, from a "rapper" that's "on" is the next best thing. When in reality, this dude couldn't hold a cup of Skyzoo's piss, let alone thousands of other "MC's" in the game that aren't known nationally. And the sadder part is that Bullshit Egotistical Tel-lie-vision (BET) throws this dude, and dudes like him in the faces of our youth and tells them that THIS is hip hop.

The problem us "older" hip hop heads have with this dude and the people that ride for him has nothing to do with age, it basically boils down to a respect for what Hip Hop REALLY is. It's more than some dude standing in front of a mic rapping words off his blackberry. These folks that listen to "radio" and the music in the clubs, don't even hear the rappers. They hear the beat. You have NO idea how many "discussions" I've gotten into with one of these pro now Hip Hop fans that has ended with a statement from them like "yeah, I don't know what he sayin', but the beat is hot" THAT my friend is not hip hop."

by Anonymous (not verified)
"To the first anonymous commenter, the article pertains to drake being nothing special. He's a pop artist. He does popular music, had some talent (a lot less than most people say, imo), and blew it by doing the music he does today. And as far as rapping being about making money, you're clearly a mainstream fan. If it were really about that everyone would of sold out. That means any nas, tribe, rakim, or other would be making Lil Wayne type music. Now, he wasn't discrediting Drake for not having streed cred. It's what we're used to but take a group like Atmosphere who have nothing to do with the streets and still make great music. What was said was Drake feels inauthentic and it's NOT because he doesn't have street cred or cuz of his name like a typical street hip hop fan would complain. It's because he's a product. He has a southern accent when he raps for example, and he's from Canada. It's ridiculous. Point is you can't say he's an MC or has the skill people claim him to have when a Black Thought, Jean Grae, Talib, Kane, or other has ever been in existance. But even if he does, he doesn't prove it. He's this generation's Britney Spears in a catholic school girl uniform. Just a product to be marketed and sold to the masses. Garbage if you ask me."

by 2pacANDBiggieWouldNotApprove (not verified)
"I agree with this rant and will be glad to see the end of the voice box and Drake's unimpressive flow and punchlines. The sad part about it all is that there really is no standard for artists anymore... Rappers, singers, or even actors (I.e. House of Payne) and because of this, the rap game, music, and entertainment (specifically black entertainment) as a whole will continue to be watered down and mediocre at best. The only bonafide artists with talent have fallen into the background of reunion tours and concerts, died, or are featured on a "has-ben" show like Unsung. When in reality, they should be lauded for being the epitome of what most artists, including Drake are NOT!"

by grundy (not verified)
"without even getting past the byline, i have already deemed this article the greatest contribution to the american hip hop lexicon in the history of the written word.

I can only explain my artistic disdain for drake under the analogy of fashion. A lot of girls like Bebe, right? But women who know clothes, who know fashion and taste, would like to burn the entire franchise down. Now plenty of women from the lower brow of fashion will say "Why you hate Bebe?? It's some cute stuff in there!!" And we will respond, sure, but unless you know clothes you don't understand how cheap, tacky, and uninspired Bebe is.

That's my point. When you know hip hop Drake seems cheap, tacky, and uninspired. The go-to rapper for low brow tastes.

Oooo i love it when all my cultural snobbery comes out."

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