Tuesday, June 22, 2010



To me, it's about knowing what is and going along with it.

Life is about a journey of acceptance. We wont always like where and who we are. But we must learn to accept it.

Once we achieve that, we can embark on a journey of change... and (hopefully) eventually happiness

Where do I stand?

As of today, I would say that I have almost reached the full acceptance of my "situation" and my self.

I have accepted my body for what it is.
My spending habits, my eating habits
My place of residence, my monetary position
The people in my life
And lack of others

Now that I have come to terms with these things, I must now take the time to evaluate them and decide if I am happy with the way things are. If I am not, I must begin a journey of change.
I must figure out how to change and what it is that I want out of said change.
I must create goals and must make the correct choices and the correct steps to reach those goals.

So there it is. Written, read, and read again.


Let the evaluation begin....

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