Friday, April 1, 2011

Hair Post

Here are some styles I tried out this week.

after I cowashed. Do you see that heat damage? It used to be worse. So I won't even complain.

tuck and roll. sorry the pics are so blurry. for whatever reason, i couldn't get a good pic. this style was very easy, very quick, and cute. however, it was a little too "nice" for an everyday style.

a roller set on wet hair. i was surprised i actually liked this. it came out much better than expected. i'll have to tweak it a bit. but it's cute nonetheless.

turban. i think this look is dope. and i will for sure be stepping my scarf game up. lol

here's the scarf:

1 comment:

Poetic Traveler said...

I love it! lmao you have to teach me how to style my hair this summer no lie that roller set is the shit! You like a chocolate pin up model lol all you need is your outfit and red lipstick