Friday, April 1, 2011


Yesterday was necessary. After the previous nights breakdown, I really just needed to get out. I was so relieved when my friend texted me and asked if I wanted to come over and swim. It was such a beautiful day and I just couldn't resist. And since I don't straighten my hair as much anymore, I could actually hop right in without worrying. lol

The water was freezing and the sun was beaming. It was lovely.

After hopping out the pool, we decided to get something to eat. We were going to go to Sonic, but once we got in the car, plans changed and we decided to go to Sprinkles Cupcakes instead.

We decided to get a dozen cupcakes. I got red velvet, vanilla, and lemon. I honestly think Sprinkles is overrated. The cupcakes were good. But not great. They were too sweet to me. Couldn't eat a whole one at once. In fact, I just finished them up like 30minutes ago. lol. If I ever do go back, I'm getting lemon and the cinnamon one. The cinnamon has no frosting on top, and the frosting is where the sugar overload is. lol

On the way home from Sprinkles, we decided to stop at the beach. They have this amusement type pier thing out here similar to the Santa Monica Pier. There's rides, food, people, and the beach. It was the first time all three of us had been there, so we just kind of walked around. We were going to ride the roller coaster, but things happened, so we decided to go to this place called the "Wave" Bar located at the end of the pier. That wasn't too exciting for me. You basically drink and watch white guys ride artificial waves. My friend and her bf liked it. But they like to drink. So I just sat there and watched them sip their alcohol.

Once we left the bar, it was already getting dark. We decided to go to the water before we headed out. The water was so cold, but it was pretty. And the sand felt lovely.

Anywho. Yesterday was just a wonderful day. It's how I dream most of my days should be. Most people this age use alcohol and clubs to unwind. I prefer to chill out. Hang out by the pool, and let the rest of the day just flow. Yesterday was just perfect. I hope there will be more of these days to come in the summertime...

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Poetic Traveler said...

I hope most days are like that