Sunday, April 3, 2011

What is Wrong with our Generation Pt.1

What is wrong with us? Why is it that we refuse to be ourselves?

I notice on social networking sites, a lot of people will type things like "in lil waynes voice", "kanye shrug", etc etc. Why is this? You mean to tell me that you can't even type as yourself? you have to emulate some celebrity in order to get people to understand what you saying? you have to imagine certain things being said in some one else's voice in order to add emphasis? why? if we were having this conversation face-to-face, you wouldn't sound like lil wayne. you'd sound like you. so why do you feel the need to add that little footnote onto your facebook status?

I really don't get my peers. So enthralled by the internet and celebrities who don't give two fucks about them, they can't even type for themselves, let alone live like themselves. It's really sad. What happened to the individual? do they no longer exist? why is it all of a sudden cool to talk like someone else? smh.

*sorry if this post seems disheveled. i'm disheveled. i just don't understand our generation sometimes. just don't make no sense...

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