Saturday, January 1, 2011



And "him"
That's really all I have to say
About twenty-ten.

Lets hope the next year
Is more inspiring.

At its core, 2010 was kind of boring.
I was boring. lol

My resolution for 2011, is of course, to be a better me.
To continue to grow.

My friend came up with a wonderful resolution, that I've chosen to steal

-To try to do things outside of my comfort zone. No more being safe inside my little box.

I really like that, and think it's a very simple yet noteworthy change that needs to occur in my life.

As this new year gets started, I'm trying not to get too hyped.

My motto for the year: "live with few expectations, just take advantage of every opportunity as it comes."

It's not too optimistic, yet not all emo and pessimistic. Just how I like it! lol

*Sorry about the stream of concious writing. I really didn't think this through before I started typing.

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