Saturday, January 29, 2011

Nail Polish Post

So I got really bored today and decided to count (and take pics) of all my polishes. I divided them into brands and counted how many of each brand I have. The grand total came to 98 polishes, thats including top and base coats but doesn't include the 3 zoya polishes that I should be receiving sometime next week. Lol. I can't believe I managed to acquire so many polishes in just a few years. Ive been collecting for about 2 maybe 3 years. It's crasy. Anhywho, here are some of the pics that I took:

I try to keep my polishes separated. The ones I wear the most, I keep out in the open. The rest I keep in a bag under my bed. Lol

Individual Brands:


China Glaze


Sephora by OPI



Sally Hansen


Rimmel London

Wet and Wild

Pure Ice

Doubles ("Sinful Colors," "Revlon," "Santee," "Milani," and "Charlotte Russe")

Singles ("LA Colors," "NYX," "CoverGirl," "Nicole by OPI," "Royal Colors," "Icing," "Apple Colors," "Destined," "Ultra Pro," and "Sephora")

The whole collection!!

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