Friday, January 28, 2011

Hair Post

I woke up this morning, looked in the mirror, and noticed that my hair looked like the bride of Frankenstein. lol. I had a little beehive thing going on and it got me to thinking. My hair is naturally like this. These (non-black) girls spend all this money on bump-its and hairspray and all this time trying to get their hair to look thick and big, and mine just does it on its own.

I've never grew up hating my hair. When I was younger, I was always told that my hair was so pretty and thick and that I could create so many styles because of its thickness. I was told that when it moved it looked so pretty and its thickness should be envied. As I got older, the "others" got to me. Seeing how guys responded to the light skinned chick with "pretty" long hair, it made me feel inferior. But as I continue to nourish and take care of my hair, I'm reminded of those compliments I used to get as a young girl. I'm reminded that my hair is beautiful. While those girls with thin hair are stuck with basic styles, my hair, if I so choose, has the ability to create masterpieces. I love my hair, in all it's thick, kinky, short glory!