Tuesday, February 8, 2011


As you entered my body
For the very first time
The only emotion I could grasp
Was nothing.
As much as it hurt
And as bad as I should have felt
The only thought that crept through
Was nothing.
As I moaned
And whispered your name
All I could think
Is nothing.
As I bled
In a painful bliss
There was just
In the day,
And even morning after
I still can’t explain
It’s just … nothing.
My mind replays it all day
My ears hear it through the silence
And when my eyes close
It’s there
I still feel
I can’t explain why.
My heart knows
It should weep for you.
My body knows
It should have waited.
My brain knows
It should regret it.
But instead of being overcome with emotions
I am calm
And feel


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