Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I have a friend who is always trying to compete with me. Others say she's jealous, my parents included. I've chosen to be naive about it and just say it's simply competition amongst friends (except only one person is actually participating)

She's always tried to compete with me. In school, with boys, money, jobs, life. Everything, and always. forever trying to throw things in my face, with the assumption that I haven't experienced it, haven't acquired it, or don't know anything about it. We can not talk for months, and she'll call me up (txt me) and ask me if I want to go to the Coach store with her, just to show me she can "afford" it (in reality, she can't). What she doesn't know, is that I'm over Coach, and have my sights set on better stuff. She'll call me up to tell me about some guy or talk to me about a club she went to and blablabla, not knowing that I don't care about all that, and quit frankly, i been there done that and am now over it. We go out, and she brags about how many guys are looking her way and how last time she was there so many people we're trying to talk her. Then two seconds later, guys are trying to dance with me and offering to buy us drinks, but only if I say yes.

The whole thing is bizzare and I just don't get the point. She's competing with me, and I just don't want to. I mean competition can be good. It can force a person to push themselves when they usually wouldn't. My roommate is a self proclaimed competitor. She always has to get better grades than others. I think that's good. It forces her to excel in school. Her only problem is she only competes with people she knows she's smarter than, and therefore can easily beat. She doesn't compete with me (at least I don't feel like she does). I think it's cause she knows she won't win. We get similar grades and I don't even try (and I'm working every other day). She starts studying a week before a test. I read over my notes the night before. We both do well. I'm pretty sure she knows that if I actually chose to try, I'd annihilate the competition.

For some reason, my friend doesn't get that. I'm not trying and I'm beating her at her own game. I'm winning not only because I don't care, but also because I'm just doing me. And lets face it, me = awesome! lmao. But seriously tho. If I'm winning without doing a damn thing, imagine if I actually put in the effort....

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