Monday, February 14, 2011

For V-Day

I've never cared about Valentines Day. Never been bitter cause I didn't have a valentine. Never thought about what I would do for valentines day if I was in a relationship. To me, February 14th is/was just another day. In high school and grades prior, me and my friends would buy each other candy. Once in college, I unknowingly did other things, like get my industrial piercing on the 14th (i didn't even realize it, just picked a day and went). But still, it was nothing to get crazy over. Just another day.

I never and still don't understand people who get all sappy and pissy and bitter around valentines day. You mean to tell me that you're mad that you don't have anyone to be with on this one day of the year??? You must have your priorities all messed up.

I think there are two reasons why I'm not affected by this day.

Reason #1- I don't want a boyfriend. I know that seems weird, but it really isn't. Relationships take a lot. A lot of time, a lot of energy, a lot of emotions, etc. So if I'm gonna be with some one, I have to feel like they're worthy of all the things I'm going to have to give to them. When I do decide to get in a relationship, I'm gonna give it 100%. So I don't want just a boyfriend. I want a man that I can give all of me to without hesitation. I don't ever want to question why I'm giving away my heart, my time, my energy, and my love. I want to give it unselfishly. And just a "boyfriend" does not deserve that. A special someone does. And I haven't met them yet.

Reason #2- Staying with valentines day only, since I was younger, my dad has always acknowledged valentines day for my mom, my sister, and me. Basically, I've never had a "valentine" in the commercialized sense of the word (a.k.a a lover, boyfriend, etc), but I had my dad. He would buy me a gift every valentines day. Even now, I get a call (well, this year I got a text...he thinks he's fancy. lmao. jkjk). So I've never needed a random guy to hook me up for this one day, my dad took care of it. I'd come home from school and there would be a purse (obviously picked out by my mom) or candy, or some type of gift.

So basically, I don't need to be upset or saddened by this day. I didn't care about getting a teddy bear on February 13th, so why should anything be different on the 14th.

One day I'll have a partner and I'm sure he'll "do it big" for me. But I won't really care. Yes, I'll be appreciative for whatever he decides to do. But if I'm in the type of relationship that I envision myself being in, one where we love each other more each day, make each other laugh and smile for no apparent reason, and do things for one other just because we can, than I don't see why valentines day would be such a big hype for us. Cause we would have already been celebrating our love everyday, sans the obnoxious gifts.

*sorry for the rambling-esque vibe, as well as bad use of grammar. this was not well thought out. lol

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Poetic Traveler said...

I love this, I really do it made me smile more than anything else today