Thursday, February 10, 2011

it's nights like this...nights when my brain is completely awake at 1 a.m and is hell-bent on writing and letting out as much as possible...that i live for.

nights like tonight, when i'm fighting the clock because i know i need to be alert for class in the morning...that make me.

these nights, that come out the blue, that are calm, yet antsy, and always full of life...these nights, let me know that i'm in need.

i'm in need of words. my lips have been silent for so long, and continue to be. but my brain, it never stops. the dreams, they refuse to cease. and since my mouth refuses to release them, they depend on my pen. depend on my keyboard. depend on my notebook. depend on words, to write them. and to let them be free.

and i, i depend on nights like this, the nights that they choose, seemingly out the blue, but not really...i depend on nights like this, to keep me sane

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