Thursday, February 10, 2011

i can't remember the last time my brain wasn't at war with my dreams.

the constant bickering between the two is getting so annoying.

the optimism that lives in my dreams...and the reality that has hold of my can be too much at times.

my initial instinct is to shout in rage. yell to the heavens that i hate the way i think. but then, something happens.

in the midst of the anger, a calm sweeps over me and i thank God for making me this way. because although a good sense of the real is very much necessary in order to navigate through this cruel world, so are our dreams.

what is life without our dreams???

without optimism and something to strive for, what would be the point of pushing forward? why not just stop?

my dreams keep me going, while my mind keeps me focused, so i can actually work like this. and although i may sometimes get upset, and their constant competition may cause my head to ache from time to time, i am thankful. for if it weren't for the two of them, i would have no reason to be and no way to get there.

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