Thursday, February 3, 2011

Why I'm Here

i wake up every morning and think to myself, “why the fuck am i still in this city?”

then, i drive by the used car lot on the corner and stare at the black cadillac cts that’s been sitting in there forever, and am instantly reminded.

i hate school with a passion. ive never liked it. not once in my existence have i gone to school and been like i enjoy this place. not once! but one thing i do enjoy, is things. i love to have. when i go to sleep at night, i dream of having. leather jackets, jewelry, purses, dope living space, and the cadillac cts. my junior year of high school, my parents took me to the cadillac dealership and i saw an 06 cts in black. i instantly fell in love. it was about 34k. and that day, i decided i would have that shiit. so thats why im here.

im sure there are some people who never went to college and are doing just fine. but i dont wanna be just fine. im very much materialistic. and my parents, although not super wealthy, definitely got me accustomed to a certain lifestyle. and i wanna be able to uphold that for myself without the help of them or a man. i dont have the patience to be discovered, and im too smart to think that fast money is gonna last.

so as much as i hate school. i will push to get through it. because i can’t live life without. that shiit just aint me!

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