Sunday, March 6, 2011

2Months of No Shopping

So today, me and my friend decided that we won't be spending any unnecessary money until graduation. Basically, we can't buy anything material; essentials ONLY!

No jewelry
No clothing
No nail polish
No books

No nothing that is not food or gas, or bills. I'm hoping to save up enough money to buy myself some nice things for graduation and some cute, girlie summer clothes.

I really feel like I can do this. Besides nail polish (which I have plenty of) and a pair of yellow shorts I've seen at Target (I can find some in the summer), there is really nothing that I REALLY want. So I should be good.

Now that I've got it in writing, let the journey begin. No shopping until May 6th...I got this! lol

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Poetic Traveler said...

lol love the oh yeah in your count down lol