Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I got to see my brother play for the first time a few weeks ago.
that dude is freaking amazing. so damn talented.

i never realized how close i am to my brothers. we don’t talk everyday. but when i’m home and i’m around them, i smile more than i ever have.

they’re annoying. they have these crasy ass conversations that i have to remove myself cause i just can’t. they try to make me listen to waka flaka cause they want me to be dumb. lol. but i love them. if i ever lost either one of them, i don’t know what i would do.

i miss them, and i want them to be proud of me. i want them to look up to me. i want them to see me succeed, and then strive to do the same. they’re not taking my exact path. they’re young, so they mess up. it’s natural. but i don’t judge them. i talk to them. try to encourage them. but never judge them. just love them, and thank God for them.

when i first moved, i was upset that i was no longer the youngest. i had these two dudes that i had to set an example for. i had to be nice to them. but i didn’t know how. i was so mistreated by the older boys (and girls). so i didn’t know how. but i learned. i went away to school, and i missed them. but most importantly, i learned how to care. how to be a big sister, and how to treat them. i learned that my heart is filled with so much love for them.

this past Christmas season, i cried for my brother. i was angered by the way they treated him. and i cried. at that moment i realized, how much i love him. i looked in awe at the other one. at how much he’s grown. how talented he is. and how much i love him too.

i have two older siblings, and i love them as well. but the bond i have with my younger brothers is just unreal. i love those dudes. and i’m just now realizing it….

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