Sunday, March 6, 2011

Knowledge is Power

I've been craving books for a while now. So today I went out and got some. I got them all (except one) from a second hand book store down the street from me. Unfortunately they had no Langston Hughes books, but I did find some good stuff; and none of them, including the one I got from Barnes and Noble, cost more than 8bucks!

My stack:

You can't even begin to understand how stoked I am about having these books. I don't have much tv and I really just want to decrease how much mindless browsing I do on the interweb. Books and documentaries (I watch them here ) should help me do that.

While I was out, I also broke down and bought some jewelry.

It's not a whole lot and they were very cheap (cost 8 something for all four items, including tax). I just couldn't resist. lol

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