Monday, March 14, 2011

I just want to be a better me

I love myself. love my flaws. love what I have become. But, it never hurts to better ones self. I want to lose weight. Grow out some thick, healthy hair. And continue to grow, learn, and love.

Today I did my workout tape for the first time in months. It's my first step to getting my body into MY ideal shape (emphasis on MY - i don't care what people believe I should look like, as long as I'm comfortable and happy, i'm good). As soon as I get paid, I'll be going out to purchase food that can't be prepared in the microwave. I'll be cooking dinner, not just heating it up (unless it's left-overs of course). And no more eating out as much.

I'll be really paying attention to my hair as well. Trying out products that I believe can help me get to MY ideal length - again, emphasis on MY. Same goes for protection styles. I won't be straightening my hair as much and I'll do the styles that I like. Screw what the "others" think!

As far as growing, learning, and loving goes, I'm in the process of doing that as well. Less mindless internet surfing and dumb shows. More books, documentaries, articles that teach and/or make me think, and reading Psalms and Proverbs nightly. I'm growing by relying on my own thoughts and not being swayed by others opinions, which actually leads me to love. By being more secure in my own mind and ways, I'm learning to be more secure in me as a whole which in turn becomes a love for me as a whole. By loving myself, I've also realized that I have a lot of love to share. I want to relinquish that love. Stop being shy, open up more, and just love.

I wrote this a while back, and I'll use it as the conclusion to this post:

"I want to love.
I have so much feeling in my body
So much love in my heart
An urge to nurture in my soul
And all I want to do is love.
I want to give it away
Share it
Explore it
And just love.
But I don't know how
And I don't know to who..."

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