Tuesday, March 15, 2011

No Shopping Update

So me and the bestie decided that we can have one "free" purchase. Basically we can buy one thing that isn't a necessity that we really want and it won't count against us.

We (well, more me than her lol) also decided that hair products count as a necessity.

So, once I pay bills, I'll be purchasing some bee-mine hair products. I don't know if I want sample sizes or just go balls out and buy the regular size. I think I'll let my bank account decide that for me. lol. I do, however, know what I'll be purchasing. I want to try out their DC, hair butter, and hair milk. I'm hoping the 3 products will help in my healthy hair journey and become 3 staple products. I really don't want to be a pj (product junkie). I want to find a few products that work for me, and keep them as permanent fixtures in my routine.

As far as my one freebie goes, I think I want a light sweater, preferably in grey. I can't decide if I want a zip-up hoodie or a cardigan though. A cardi is so cute and girly and that is the style direction I'm leaning towards. However, I've been wanting a grey zip-up for the longest. Eh, I'll figure it out. Most likely when I don't expect to. lol

I also want a cute head scarf. It would be nice to have one for the Spring.....

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